You are warmly invited to an hour of restorative movement and relaxation . Pilates supports the unfolding of your unique self through developing an awareness of the mind-body connection . A whole person approach that enhances our wellbeing and health, reshaping our physical , mental and emotional selves.

The class offers 45 minutes of  mindful pilates followed by 15 minutes dedicated to relaxation and meditation . 

Pilates is a beautiful exercise method that can be tailored to suit individual needs.

I am a level 3 Pilates Practitioner and have taught classes throughout Tyneside for many years. 

I also offer pilates on a one to one basis if you are interested.

Please get in touch for class times or to ask any questions you may have.

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“In order to go up you must go down, you must go down https://www.slotsups.com/ top ten rewiev through your base, down through a sense of grounding, and move energy through your spine.”

- Anon